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Black Diamond ED100 Refractor Kit

Recommended for astro photography.

Fortunate indeed is the amateur astronomer with a Black Diamond ED100mm refractor on a clear night with transparent skies and a stable atmosphere. Turning the telescope to the Crescent Moon, the Apennine Mountains snap into razor-sharp focus revealing a cornucopia of jagged mountain ridges, canyons, and numerous small craters in ultra high definition. Not far removed, reaching skyward, the crater wall of Archimedes pops into view in bold relief against the smooth flatlands that transverse the distance between it and the Apennine Mountains. This is lunar observing at its best – HD style. The gas giant Jupiter displays its swirling equatorial bands in high-definition with festoons, and tonality within the bands. The great spot is clearly visible, discreetly contrasted from the surrounding Jovian landscape. Prominent deep-space nebula yield improved definition in gaseous outer extensions. Stars in globular clusters resolve to pinpoints. This is just the beginning of an incredible journey of exploration possible with a Black Diamond ED100.
  • Optical design - Optical Design
  • Diameter - 100mm
  • Focal length - 900 mm
  • Eyepiece - 2 inch 28mm
  • Highest Practical Power - 200x
  • Faintest Steller Magnitude - 12.7
  • Finderscope - 8X50 Straight Through
  • Tube weight - 3kg
  • Diagonal - 2 inch 90 Dieletric Diagonal with 1.25 inch adapter
  • Tube Dimension - 100mm x 920mm
5 year Manufacturer's warranty
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